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Why Mobile X-ray is Cost Effective

We have discussed the benefits of patient safety when choosing to use Mobile x-ray services. Next in the American Mobile Medical blog series, we are going to discuss the financial benefits of using mobile x-ray and mobile ultrasound services.

Digital Versus Traditional

Digital imaging costs less than traditional x-rays due to less overhead. Traditional x-rays use film that requires developing. As opposed to Digital Radiography (DR) mobile x-ray that uses digital images that are processed and uploaded for review. The DR images are available much faster and require less retakes and use less resources.

Simplified Procedures

The number of people involved is reduced when you do not have to transport a patient. You bypass:

  1. Transport Services

  2. Patient Check In

  3. Need for staff chaperone

  4. Results are located in one place on our secure client portal

The patient can wait in a comfortable setting for mobile x-ray to arrive. Once reviewed by our radiologist, you will not have to chase down the results since the information is immediately available on our secure client portal.

Less Overhead

Mobile x-ray companies like American Mobile Medical do not have as much overhead as a clinic so we are able to pass on savings to our clients.

Mobile x-ray companies:

  1. Do not have to cover costs for large facilities

  2. Do not need as much support staff such as reception, attendants, and facility maintenance

  3. Have less paperwork

  4. Utilizing DR digital images saves in supplies

The images are securely saved and can be viewed on our remote client portal so we do not have to pay couriers to provide results to medical staff. This not only saves money, it also expedites diagnosis and treatments for patients.


American Mobile Medical accepts most insurance providers including Medicare and Medicaid. Reduced costs also help patients that have to pay higher deductibles.

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