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American Mobile Medical DR Digital Imaging and Xray

Mobile X-ray and DR Digital Imaging

Digital Radiography (DR) is the most trusted and innovative from of portable x-ray technology. The technology has proven benefits for patients and facilities. Patients benefit because American Mobile Medical can send a technician directly to the home or facility. This helps improve patient comfort, lessens risk of further injury, and reduces exposure to other illnesses.

DR Digital Imaging also helps streamline care. A technician performs the x-ray and submits the results to an off-site radiologist for review. The results are posted on our secured online client portal allowing the treating physician to immediately view the results and create a care plan.


Faster diagnosis and faster more accurate treatment.

DR Technology Breakdown:

  1. 50% reduced exposure to radiation for patients

  2. More precise and easier to read images

  3. Less processing time allowing for faster results and diagnosis

  4. Less transport improves patient safety

  5. Securely electronically stored for quick and easy access

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