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How Mobile X-ray Impacts Patient Safety

Currently there is a rise in the use of mobile x-ray equipment outside of the hospital and clinic setting. Mobile x-ray using DR digital imaging and mobile ultrasound offers high quality images, reduces the necessity for transporting, lessens burdens in hospitals and care facilities, and leads to faster diagnosis and treatments.


Some patients may be too fragile to transport or transportation could lead to further injury. Transporting to local hospitals also

  1. Exposes patients to airborne illnesses

  2. Longer wait times

  3. Needs to be accompanied by a member of staff

  4. Requires extra care before, during, and after diagnosis

Utilizing mobile x-ray and mobile ultrasound services improves patient safety by allowing them to stay stabilized and comfortable in one familiar setting until a diagnosis is made and treatment is recommended.


Patients with cognitive difficulties and dementia may experience an increase in anxiety due to a change in their environment. This often requires extra care while experiencing a deterioration in their mental state. In turn requiring additional care and medication and increasing their recovery time.


Mobile x-ray not only reduces the number of transports, but also increases the number of examinations that can be carried out in a timely manner. Leading to faster diagnosis, faster treatment recommendations, and less burden on hospitals.

Improved Technology

Image quality using DR digital imaging provides a 50% reduction in radiation exposure to patients making this the safest and most innovative form of x-ray technology. This technology also removes the use of film which reduces the need for retakes. Development time for the imagines goes from hours to minutes with digital imaging. Images are available on the American Mobile Medical secured client portal for review within minutes after a certified radiologist reviews the results.

Studies have proven that mobile x-ray can benefit patients, care communities, and hospital systems. American Mobile Medical works with the Federal prison systems, Immigration facilities, nursing homes, assisted living communities, behavioral clinics, treatment clinics, and specialty clinics to help improve patient and public safety, reduce the burden on hospitals, reduce burden on facility staff, and improve patient outcomes.

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