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Why Use DR Digital X-ray Imaging

DR Digital Imaging is the most trusted and innovative form of X-ray technology. DR Imaging exposes patients to 90 percent less radiation when compared to conventional X-ray machines. DR is the safest option for those that are concerned about radiation exposure. It is the safest option for both patients and technicians.

Environmental Choice

The DR Digital Imaging process is all electronic. No harsh chemicals are needed to develop film or share the images. Making digital X-rays are better for the environment. Digital Radiography X-rays are directly sent to a secured portal and are available for viewing on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Waste created in the darkroom creating original images or copies is now eliminated. Facilities no longer need space to store and preserve the film.

Improved Quality

DR Digital Imaging is safer for patients and staff, a better environmental choice, and provides higher-quality images. American Mobile Medical uses only the most advanced X-ray technologies to help you provide the best possible care to patients.

DR Technology Breakdown:

  1. Significant reduction of exposure to radiation for patients.

  2. Accurate and easier-to-read images.

  3. Less processing time allows for faster results and diagnosis.

  4. Less transport improves patient safety.

  5. Securely electronically stored for quick and easy access.

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