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What to Expect When we Arrive

We do not require appointments and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with emergency situations. So, what is the difference between a mobile x-ray company and a radiology clinic? In this edition of our blog we will discuss the benefits of using mobile x-ray and what the patients can expect when we arrive.

Less Wait Time

We have a technician in your area standing by and on call when you need us. This reduces wait time when you need to wait for an ambulance and emergency room intake processes. When our technicians arrive, they are ready to assess and quickly begin x-ray and ultrasound testing.

Upon Arrival

We can perform x-ray from virtually anywhere. We find the most comfortable place and position for the injured patient. Since we use Digital Radiography (DR) technology as our x-ray platform we will know quickly if more images are required.


After the x-rays are completed, the radiographer processes each image and checks the results for quality. This process only takes a few minutes and normally results, viewing, written report, and treatment options are available within an hour.


American Mobile Medical accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance providers. If you have any questions about insurance contact our office at 337-594-9637. Mobile x-ray costs less and are more timely than transport and ER services.

Comfort and Secure

Patients are only transported after the medical team has a clear understanding of the injuries. Mobile imaging is an important aspect of patient comfort, providing accurate results, and helps medical teams provide well informed treatment options.

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