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The Convenience of Mobile Ultrasound

Technology for Mobile Ultrasounds continue to advance and American Mobile Medical is keeping up with the technology. In this addition of our blog, we will discuss the benefits of mobile ultrasound services and the impact it has on patient care.

The current shift to telemedicine increases the need for mobile ultrasound and mobile x-ray services. Our software easily fits into the new workflows of eldercare facilities, homecare, hospice, prison infirmaries and other institutions.

Emergency Services

Mobile ultrasound is designed to help detect what cannot be seen. We can detect injuries internal, how blood is flowing, heartbeats and other severities. By using mobile ultrasound onsite before a patient is transported allowing a medical team to identify issues quickly and expedite treatment or intervention.

Technology and Teams

American Mobile Medical offers results on our secure patient portal allowing clinicians to make a diagnoses from any location. This allows for rapid and accurate communication between your facility staff, offsite radiologists and doctors. Cutting out unnecessary transports, radiology appointments, and beginning treatment sooner is easier on your staff, alleviates hospital ER overcrowding, and improves the patient experience and care.

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