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Reducing Unnecessary ER Visits

One of the many advantages of Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) is the reduction in visits to the emergency room. Recent statistics show that 30% of ER visits with chronic conditions are unnecessary, leading to $8.5 billion in costs. This statistic does not include the mental health and non-life threatening issues that can be redirected to other facilities before going to the ER.

When patients are properly diagnosed on-site, they can be transported to the correct facility and receive timely treatment as opposed to waiting for a referral from the ER.

MIH is developed to include emergency services that coordinate resources and help patients receive the proper care at the right facility and mobile X-ray is an integral part of this initiative.

The Future of MIH Programs

As medicine embraces and improves on Mobile Integrated Health protocols, mobile X-rays, and lab diagnostics play a critical role in this transition. American Mobile Medical has the equipment, technicians, and software that is easy for ER facilities, and medical staff to access. The purpose of the integration makes it easier for the medical community to work together and improve the patient experience.

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