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Partnering with Mobile X-ray

Partnering with a mobile x-ray makes emergency situations easier on your staff, provides better care for residents, increases patient safety, and expedites treatment. American Mobile Medical serves nursing homes, senior communities, and hospice care in Acadia, Allen, Avoyelles, Evangeline, and St. Landry parishes.

In fragile patients such as nursing home residents, the environmental change from home to hospital for examination may result in cognitive difficulties. An increase in care and medication is often necessary for several days after being admitted to a hospital. It has become increasingly clear that mobile health services, like mobile X-rays, are beneficial to patient health and cost savings.

How Mobile X-ray Works

The process of getting a patient to the hospital is both physically and mentally difficult for the elderly. Mobile X-ray keeps them in familiar surroundings and provides faster treatment than transporting them to the ER.

Here is what you can expect when an accident with injury occurs:

  1. Nurse or Caregiver determines medical necessity

  2. American Mobile Medical is dispatched

  3. A technician arrives at the facility or home usually within one hour

  4. The technician takes the image and reviews the scan

  5. The scan is sent to the reading radiologist/radiology group

  6. The report is reviewed on a secured patient portal

American Mobile Medical is here to provide support, improve emergency protocols, improve communication, and increase level of care in senior communities.

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