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Benefits of Mobile X-ray at Correctional Facilities

American Mobile Medical provides mobile x-ray, mobile ultrasound, and swallow studies to correctional and immigration facilities. We offer a cost effective and safe way to ensure \ detainees and inmates securely receive immediate and adequate medical care.

Security Risks

Transporting patients poses additional costs in the form of extra security when transporting.

Needing additional personnel for unexpected medical emergencies can leave normal posts undermanned and pose a security threat.

Our mobile imaging equipment can come to your facility reducing the risks associated with transporting patients away from the prison and to the hospital or any third party facility such as a radiology lab or specialty clinic.

This allows your security staff to stay on-site keeping inmates secured until a diagnosis and treatment plan can safely be planned and implemented.

Reduced Costs

Transporting an inmate to a hospital can be costly. Transportation and cost of additional manpower is reduced when you call a mobile imaging company to perform an x-ray or ultrasound.

Getting the results quickly while the inmate or detainee is still at the correctional or immigration facility allows the infirmary time to determine if the injury can be treated on-site or if transportation for additional medical care is necessary.

Inmates and detainees are transported only when necessary. The mobile x-ray and mobile ultrasound process has a substantial impact on medical costs for inmates but still provides effective medical care.

In-House Care

All of our results are reported and available immediately on our secured patient portal for your infirmary staff to review. This keeps security staff at their posts and allows your facility medical staff immediate results to determine the best course of treatment. Infirmary staff are better equipped and trained to deal with strict security protocols.

Physicians outside the facility are also available to view the results. This allows for second opinions and input regarding treatment from a remote setting while keeping the infirmary well informed on a patients status.

Keeping inmates and detainees on-site and under your care until additional arrangements can be made helps increase security, save money, and improve care.

American Mobile Medical

We are committed to quality and want to exceed your expectations. Our technicians are well trained in security protocols and are available 24 / 7, 365 days a year. Call to learn more about the benefits of Mobile x-ray services.

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