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Benefits of Mobile X-ray

Both patients and organizations can reap the benefits of mobile x-ray companies like American Mobile Medical.

Patient Safety

Mobile x-ray, mobile ultrasound, and mobile swallow studies allow patients to be tested in a familiar, comfortable, and safer environment. Mobile digital imaging services allow you to obtain a diagnosis before transporting a patient. Results may show that a patient does not need to be transported and can begin a timely treatment and recovery.

Less Transporting Equals Higher Savings

Cost savings associated with mobile x-ray and other digital imaging services can be experienced by both the patient and the facility. Patient transport can be a costly burden to everyone involved.

Often patients are accompanied by a staff member when sent to a hospital or radiology facility. The burden of long wait times can leave your organization short staffed for an unpredictable amount of time. If the patient is in the prison or immigration system, stricter security measures have to be implemented. Mobile X-ray alleviates the cost burden of transporting a patient until a diagnosis and treatment are prescribed.

Patients in the private sector such as specialty clinics and treatment centers may face high deductibles or less coverage for transporting. Waiting until a diagnosis can be prescribed saves them time, anxiety, and money while waiting for diagnosis and treatment.

Easier Workflow

When a patient is injured adding American Mobile Medical to your workflow protocol can improve patient safety, make it easier to keep track of a patients location, easier to find their diagnosis and make sure they get to the right care facility.

Information can be securely accessed from our online client portal and made available for all parties that need to involved with care and treatment. Limiting the amount of movement and streamlining information improves patient care and helps staff stay informed and make better decisions.

American Mobile Medical offers the latest DR image quality and mobile x-ray technology, and mobile ultrasound technology to help your organization offer the best patient care. We committed to patient safety, help you provide the best quality of care, and work with organizations to continually exceed expectations.

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