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Avoidable Admissions

According to the 2018 U.S. Census, by 2034, there will be 77.0 million people 65 years and older compared to 76.5 million under the age of 18. Increased life expectancy is a result of modern medicine, improved nutrition knowledge, and public health initiatives.

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), one-third of the 65 + population will experience a fall. Falls are among one the most significant causes of injury and over the next 10 years, there will be a significant increase in the need for portable X-ray equipment.

Controlled Environment

Eldercare facilities provide a controlled environment designed to keep their residents safe. When there is a fall, certain protocols are put into action. When transferring a resident to another facility, they need an escort, are transported multiple times, and have to wait extended periods of time before obtaining results.

Keeping a resident in a controlled environment ensures their safety, lessens the risk of further injury, and speeds up the time for diagnosis and treatment.

Avoidable Admissions

An increase in the aging population means an increase in demand for urgent care at hospitals. Implementing portable X-ray protocols into your emergency plans can help alleviate hospital overcrowding and wait times at hospitals.

When you use American Mobile Medical you can help relieve staff stress, help alleviate ER over-crowding, and put patient comfort first.

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