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“Previously when a resident required an x-ray or ultrasound, the resident was sent out, requiring an ambulance or the facility’s transportation.  This resulted in disruption in the resident’s routine. American Mobile Medical comes to our facility to perform these tests for us. The residents have little disruption in their routines.  The American Mobile Medical staff is always prompt and courteous.  Reports are received by email in a timely manner.” Plaquemine Caring Center, LLC

“American Mobile Medical always provides timely response to our x-ray needs. The staff is friendly, caring, and helpful.” Jefferson Manor Nursing Home

“American Mobile Medical has taken care of my facility for many years with excellent service and care to my patients.  With the advancement of DR technology, we now have better image quality and 50% reduction in radiation exposure to patients.  This improves our QAPI efforts for CMS and faster treatment plans for patients at risk.  They are dedicated to supporting our facility to provide the best quality care to patients we serve.”  Zachary Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center