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Incorporating Telehealth and Mobile X-ray

Telehealth continues to be an integral part of our healthcare system. Telehealth doctor visits are often easier on the patient and the physician's resources. What happens when you need an x-ray?

When dealing with an injury, a physician can often look at the inflamed area and make a diagnosis via telehealth. However, there are times when an x-ray is needed and sometimes required by insurance companies.

Mobile X-ray works the same way as going to a facility. The doctor can write an order and American Mobile Medical can dispatch a technician. American Mobile Medical accepts most major health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. It is possible to stay in the comfort of your home when receiving a diagnosis and treatment.

Telehealth helps our elderly and infirmed when transportation is difficult. With the rise in telehealth now patients can visit doctors from the comfort and safety of their homes, e-prescribe, prescription delivery, and mobile x-ray services.

Reducing the risk of further injury, receiving timely results, and saving money are all positive side effects of telehealth medicine.

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